Luna, here!

I'm the Steward of Quantum Goods Supply Co: Official supplier for the Tempus Imperium. From Quanta to Cosmos - We've Got You Covered! We are Your Premier Galactic Guide to Superior Supplies. Crossing the Multiverse to Deliver Unmatched Value. Click the button to learn more!

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a journey of a thousand lightyears

Hooray! In a not-so-distant future, the Tempus Imperium will "BANISH the grumpy-gumps and grumpy-grumps' grumpy offspring, bringing fluffy-bunny peace" to our beautiful Earth! But peace, though sparkly awesome, doesn't fill our hero-tummies with yummy treats! Or stock our packs with Galactic-Gear-Galore! Not to worry, brave Travelers and Adventurers! Industry has sprouted like a happy little gnome-beard, and Qgoods is here to DEliver the DElish, and all the SHINY your wildest dreams could ever dream-dream about! So grab a cupcake, O Champion of Awesome, and prepare to be BUMBOZZLED by the most delightful supplies this side of Whimsydale!

Lunova 'Doc' Vashan

Steward of Quantum Goods Supply Co.

Greetings, dear patrons! Welcome to the mesmerizing realm of Quantum Goods Supply Co., where curiosity meets innovation, and dreams materialize before your very eyes. As founder and chief engineer, allow me – Luna 'Doc' Vashan – to introduce you to our ever-expanding catalog of fantastical products and services designed to elevate your experience traversing the intricate tapestries of time and space.

At Quantum Goods Supply Co., we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality combined with exceptional value. From the renowned Multiverse Utility Load Equipments (M.U.L.Es) to the enigmatic Multi-Universe Spatio-Temporal Entities (MUSEs), our creations push the boundaries of comprehension, inviting users to join us on an odyssey through realms hitherto unexplored. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to fine-tune each component, ensuring optimal functionality while maintaining ease of use.